I have often participated in a Not Back to School event in early September. It is usually a fun gathering with friends or within a homeschool group. Some consider it a kick-off to their homeschool year and some, like myself, just celebrate another year of not sending kids to school but choosing a different path instead. For my family, learning is a part of our life. My children learn as I do, pursuing interests and finding resources to do this, as well as time with others who have similar interests. And we also enjoy building and continuing friendships.
One year, I took my children to Discovery Place to enjoy a day out exploring. Last year, we took friends and went to Morrow Mountain State Park for a day of hiking, boating and taking in the view on the top of the mountain. For those new to the area, Morrow Mountain is located in Albemarle, just east of Charlotte in Stanly County. Many years ago when my oldest child was about 5, I began the year by visiting a new to our library. We enjoyed the adventure of going to a new library location and my son loved visiting the library weekly.

I would love to hear how you celebrated your “Not back to school” year!

I am delayed in posting this information this year because I have been busy with other family activities. My father had his second back surgery at the end of August and I have been assisting him and my mother in the world of physical rehabilitation. I have worked in this area as an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years.

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I also want to point out the link to INTERVIEWS. Over about the past 2 years, my husband and oldest son, who is now 18, filmed a variety of interviews with businesses who have services to offer homeschoolers. You can find all the links to the videos under the tab INTERVIEWS.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable September and especially now that the weather is cooling off (at least for this week). And remember, you don’t have to have it all figured out to homeschool. You can change your mind at any time along the journey and make adjustments to best meet the needs of your family. The journey is more important than the “end product”. Our children can succeed, we need only to trust in them.
….Gina, who has always home/ unschooled her three children who are now18, 14, and 7.