It is exciting to be building this website. I have envisioned this site for many years and now it is happening. As I have pursued homeschooling information over the past 6 years, I have wondered why there is no one place to go to find out all you need to know about homeschooling in the Charlotte area. One place to get the links you need to find groups, resources and about the area homeschooling events.

Homeschooling is common in Charlotte and rarely if ever do I have anyone question the fact that I have chosen to educate my children at home. There are numerous support groups in the area and many resources as well as events just for homeschoolers. Yet, I have wondered how people new to homeschooling or new to the area find out about all this information. Many of the support groups are difficult to find through search engines. I found out about support groups from people I met who homeschooled and once I joined some groups, I found out even more information. And yet, I am continually amazed to find out about other groups that I have not yet heard about. I also find the yahoo lists to be overwhelming. I get so many emails being on many homeschool lists and yet it is difficult to sort through all of that mail and find the information I need.

My vision for this site is to first provide all the basic information with links to be able to homeschool in NC and find support in Charlotte and surrounding areas. As of today, I have information for many area groups- all the ones I know of so far- and plan to update and reorganize this information as needed. I also have links to NCDNPE to find out about legal issues with homeschooling in NC. As I build the site, I want to know what works and what does not work and so I have created a feedback forum for ideas an input on the site.

Over time, I plan to add other homeschooling resources as well as area information for people new to the area- things like Discovery Place and Imaginon and a calendar of local homeschooling events such as homeschool roller skating, bowling, swimming and all the homeschool days that happen all around NC.

The largest project I see is having information on homeschooling methods. I would love to have forums for all the methods. In addition to having links to websites for more information on various methods, I would like to have articles or blogs form the people who use or have used these methods.

Finally, this is a community-building website, which means that groups can form within this site. This means that an individual homeschool group could form a group on this site for just the members of their group. There could be groups for the various homeschooling methods as well.

I am learning more and more about what can be done on this website each day, many things from my 10-year-old son who has created his own “ning” site. Isn’t it amazing how quickly our children learn the computer? My son grew up sitting on his dad’s lap while his dad worked on the computer building a home-based business. My first computer experience was a computer math class in middle school and then my junior year in high school I wrote a term paper on our family pc using the old dos method- for the younger people out there- that was before windows when you had to know codes to do everything- to bold, or center the text or anything. Have patience with me as I am not as computer savvy as I would like to be. It helps that I have a husband who has been involved in the website building and marketing business for over 10 years now, but even he learns things from our son.

I do welcome your feedback on how I can improve the site both with content and the format in which things are organized. See the FORUM link- Feedback on the website. Tell your friends about the site and remind them to check back as more is added.