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Charlotte Homeschooling is a social website (www.charlottehomeschooling.com) for homeschoolers in North and South Carolinas to connect, get pertinent resources and interact with other homeschoolers.

Established Date: Sept. 8, 2008

Established by: Gina Grothoff – Occupational Therapist, Writer, Co-Owner of Focused Healthy Family and Mother to Three Homeschoolers

Homeschooling since 2003, Gina took her exploration into homeschooling experience and pooled together the information she had researched to establish charlottehomeschooling.com.  

Why Charlotte Homeschooling: 

Homeschooling can be a bit daunting for parents considering the jump into homeschooling their children. Finding a source of information and connection to other homeschool parents can be reassuring, comforting and extremely helpful. 

Charlotte Homeschooling was established to fill a gap in connecting all the resources for the homeschooling families in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Mission of Charlotte Homeschooling Online Site

Support the homeschooling community in North and South Carolina by supplying a place where homeschoolers can find all necessary resources, connect with other homeschoolers and grow in their own homeschool environment.

Topics Covered in Charlotte Homeschooling: 

  • Resources and Information
  • Area Homeschool Support Groups
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Homeschool Styles and Methods
  • Members and Member Activities
  • Enrichment Courses for Homeschoolers