What is relaxed homeschooling?

I searched on Wikipedia for a definition and nothing was found!  I see it as an approach to homeschooling.  When I first began my journey of homeschooling, I joined an area support group that was called “Relaxed Homeschoolers”.  The people I met at this support group had one thing in common, they did what worked best for their children.  Some of them used curriculum and others did not but along the journey, most approached life as an opportunity to learn and modified whatever resources to best meet their children’s needs.  Members described how they relaxed as they progressed in their homeschool journey.  For some this meant learning to let go of following the curriculum exactly as it is described, allowing for off days, flexibility in their schedule and allowing their children to progress in their own time frame.  

How you define relaxed homeschooling?  See these resources to find your answers.

Books:  The Relaxed Home School: A Family Production by Mary Hood

Relaxed Homeschooling Blogs: