Radically Different Learning Styles- a shared post from Home Education Magazine

For all of you who struggle with engaging your child in learning or who doubt that you can homeschool you child, I share this wonderful article that illustrates how each child learns in their own way.

Here is an excerpt from the middle of the article,

Radically Different Learning Styles: My Adventure into Learning, by…

“Only a few short months ago I threw my hands up in despair and told my husband I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to homeschool Josiah. I wholeheartedly value creativity and each of our days contains a great deal of freedom for such pursuits. However, for a week I’d been trying to engage Jo Jo in additional activities for fear he was missing out on exercise, social interaction, and a myriad of other things moms worry about from time to time. I tried everything. I was like a cruise ship activity director throwing out ideas in a high pitched chirpy voice, complete with a happy smile to indicate how much fun we were about to have. How about we bake?  “Nope. No thank you.” How about a walk. “Nope.” Soccer? Have a friend over? Violin? Play a game? Visit with the goats? Read your brother a story? “Nope, nope, nope.” And with a wave of an ink-marked little hand, I’d been dismissed.

Filled with self-doubt, I began an attempt to better understand how I might improve our learning time together. Research into various learning styles took me on a fascinating journey. In my reading, I came across insightful literature about visual-spatial learners. To make a long story short, visual-spatial learners think in pictures and see information as a whole. In sharp contrast are auditory-sequential learners who break down information into small bits before they move on to more complex parts. They are as linear in their thought patterns as visual-spatial learners are not.” 

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